Mold Removal Products 101

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Dealing with a mold cleaning project can be a time intensive, laborious task especially if you are not armed with the appropriate information as well as the right mold removal products.

In order to accomplish this task effectively, it is important that you find the best mold removal products available in order to save you considerable time and effort during the remediation process. The majority of people who have a black mold problem have no idea it is there until it is either visible on surfaces, or you encounter that distinct smell in your home that is unmistakably mold.

Mold Removal Products

Mold killing products are to be used after you have determined that you indeed do have an infestation and have decided to remedy it. Molds of all types love to grow in areas that are often unseen and are consistently damp, dark and are void of direct sunlight. If there is an abnormal amount of humidity inside of your home, then you will most likely have some level of this nasty stuff growing somewhere.

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mold removal products
A few of the most common places that are usually susceptible to a mold problem are listed below:

1. Basements are a common area for growth due to their low light and damp conditions.
2. Shower areas are also very susceptible as they are used daily and not often allowed to dry between uses.
3. Closets are also known for low ventilation and light.
4. The laundry room is also susceptible due to the constant heating cycles of our dryers as well as the occasional leak from a washing machine hose.
5. Underneath the kitchen sink is often subjected to unnoticed leaks which can go on for some time before being exposed.

There are many other places in our homes which should be checked for black mold on a regular basis, but I would pay particular attention to basement areas. These places can provide an excellent environment for mold spores because it offers them excellent living conditions and they often go overlooked for quite some time. The bathroom mold and shower mold will most likely be cleaned more often thereby reducing the chance that a black mold infestation can go unnoticed for an extended amount of time.

Now that you figured out the best places to check, how do you go about killing black mold with your chosen mold removal products once it is located?

Of all the different chemicals and sprays that are available, it is often more economical and safer for you and your family and pets if you opt for natural or green mold removal products.
For a minor home mold infestation you should consider trying a few natural household cleaners at first. There are numerous cleaning solutions that can be mixed up at home and are effective against black mold.

Some everyday products which are effective against molds and mildew are listed below:

Natural Mold Removal Products

Borax has long been undervalued as one of the many natural mold removal products simply because most people do not realize it can be used for this purpose. It is a non-toxic cleaner that has no smell and does not release any dangerous chemicals or obnoxious odors. A natural mold inhibitor which when mixed with water can be used on almost any surface to kill and inhibit the growth of new mold.

After the solution has dried it will leave a surface film which is not conducive for the regrowth of new mold after the original spores have died. If you wish to use borax and water as one of your mold removal products, its mixture and application is very simple. Simply mix up one couple of borax with 1 gallon of water. (Using warm water will help the borax to dissolve more readily in the water) Before you attempt to use this mixture as one of your mold removal products, it is advisable to use a Hepa vacuum to remove any loose mold spores.
Once you are ready to begin treating the surface, simply applying the borax and water mixture directly to wet the area. Use of a stiff bristle brush is a good method for removing all of the visible surface mold. While a solution is still wet with the residual mold wipe off the excess moisture. It is important to keep the area wet while you are working in order to prevent mold spores from becoming airborne and infiltrating other parts of your home.

Using Bleach to Kill Mold :

When it comes to using bleach as an one of your mold removal products, it should be kept in mind that it is most effective when used to clean non porous surfaces such as porcelain, ceramic tiles, glass, and Formica counter-tops and in other surfaces that does not have pores. Mold removal products are only an effective mold killer when they actually comes in contact with the mold and are not very effective on porous surfaces such as wood, drywall, plaster or any other naturally porous surface. Using bleach on these types of surfaces will only kill what is visible and on top, but will not reach the roots thereby allowing it to reoccur rapidly.

How to Kill Mold with a Bleach Solution

Bleach is only an effective mold killer on non porous surfaces, with this in mind it is still very important that you adequately ventilate any area where you may be applying the solution. The fumes can quickly irritates eyes, nasal passages, and can produce an irritating smell inside of your nose that will last for a couple of days not to mention the damage will do to your lungs if you’re not careful. I strongly discourage using bleach as there are just so many less toxic and abrasive chemicals which do just as thorough of a job.
Another negative effect of using bleach to kill mold on porous surfaces is the fact that it can and will damage the surfaces over time. Think about the last time you spilled bleach on any article of clothing that you may own… effectively that article of clothing is now a ruined tatter of its former self and eventually the area with the bleach spill occurred will simply rot away from the rest of the material.

Vinegar as a Mold Controlling Solution

The benefits of using vinegar cannot be denied and people have been using this for many years in everyday cleaning products. It is natural and safe, while being slightly acidic and is able to kill the majority of the molds that are out there.
If you decide you want to remove mold with vinegar, be sure to grab yourself a gallon of white distilled vinegar for this purpose. White distilled vinegar is very cheap and can be used for a multitude of other purposes other than mold killing solutions.

Simply pour some undiluted vinegar into a standard spray type bottle. If the smell proves to be too much for you, you have a couple of choices; either insert a fan into an adjacent window to exhaust the fumes or turn on an exhaust fan in the ceiling if you have one. After you have sprayed your vinegar solution on to the mold, simply let the vinegar sit, in order for it to do its work the solution must remain wet for at least an hour or more.

We have covered other methods of natural mold removal products on the site before, if you would like to read about using tea tree oil as a natural mold control product. Another less known product which is effective at mold removal and prevention is GSE (otherwise known as grapefruit seed extract) can also be found by clicking on the previous links in this paragraph.

Hopefully this article has shed some light for you about the various mold removal products, especially green and natural ones that are available today and have been for many years.

The large commercial mold spray manufacturers have little to no interest in spreading the word about anything other than their products so you’ll never hear about it from them as long as they have a $20.00 bottle of “solution” for you. At least when you make mold removal products yourself you know beyond a shadow of doubt what is inside of the bottle and you most likely can pronounce all of the ingredients.


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