There are differences between Toxic Black Mold and ordinary Mildew, the average person could easily mistake one for the other. Once you have identified the type of mold or fungus present you still should be armed with the appropriate knowledge and tools before undertaking the black mold removal process.

Mildew Removal

Both molds are a type of fungus, mildew being much less toxic of the two will not usually cause harm to the human body. Mildew is usually powdery and will stain clothing and other materials if left for too long. Toxic black mold, whose scientific name is Stachybotrys Chartarum is actually very toxic to the human body and can cause a variety of health effects. Effects commonly associated with black mold exposure include but are not limited to headache, sore throat, skin allergies as well as respiratory ailments in the elderly and young children.

Black Mold Under Sink

We never expected to see this upon removal of the kitchen cabinetry!

There are some essential facts you should be made aware of prior to undertaking any type of mold remediation project inside of your home.

No mater which type of fungus you are about remediate, proper personal protective equipment is an essential tool to have before commencement. PPE as it is often called, can mean the difference between feeling great when the job is done or battling symptoms which may become worse afterward due to exposure.

Given that both mildew and mold prosper on dampness, it is not complicated to lessen their development by cleaning up soggy and damp areas in the house, in particular leaking pipes, wet bathrooms and laundry quarters.

When trying to minimize mold growth, it may be necessary to ventilate the home by opening windows occasionally. Properly vented exhaust fans in bathrooms should be run during and after showering to prevent humidity from accumulating inside a such small spaces. If the above measures do not handle the moisture problem, then consider purchasing a dehumidifier for the bathroom to add additional insurance and peace of mind.

Black mold of the toxic type cannot simply be wiped away without the use of specialized cleaning agents. Bleach has long been touted as the cure all for mold infestation, but this is simply not the case as it only really changes the appearance of the mold by killing and bleaching what is on the top. You will still have a fungus infestation inside of the materials that are effected. As bleach dries it simply turns to sodium chloride (salt) and will do nothing to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Many times you are told that mold remediation is no big deal, but if the area that in infested with the toxic black mold is larger than about 10 square feet it might be time to call in a professional mold remediation company. It really doesn’t take much of an area to equal that size a 5 foot by 2 foot area or a 10 foot by 1 foot areas should be all that you should attempt alone.

If you still have the inclination and wish to learn how to remove mold the right way please see the many other articles that are available here on out site. There is much more to learn concerning sealing off the area disposing of contaminated materials as well as a complete list of PPE requirements.