Mold can occur in many places that are either damp or have been affected by water leakages and burst pipes. If an area has not been properly dried put, then mold can appear within 48 hours or take up to a couple of months. To realize the seriousness of this situation, we need to know what are the dangers of water damage mold and what we can do to prevent it?

Mold is a growth of bacteria that can show up in many different areas of the house. It can thrive in the bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen or living room. What are the dangers of water damage mold, if it is not acted on immediately?

Water Damage Mold Dangers

The biggest danger is to our health. Breathing problems, excessive coughing, allergies, rashes can all appear, especially in children. If the mold is left over a prolonged amount of time, than it can cause serious illness in our lungs. A person who lives in a house filled with mold may also feel excessive tiredness and suffer from constant headaches.

The other danger is the cost to our pockets. If mold is left untreated, then eventually over time, it becomes too late to clean it up and any household furniture or materials will have to be thrown away. In most cases, if mold is cleaned when it is first spotted than it will disappear and not return.

How To Prevent Mold Water Damage

water damage mold can occur in the most unlikely of places. You will probably find that the first place to look is in the bathroom where there is a lot of condensation. Check behind bathroom cupboards and units in the shower where you hold your shampoo and shower gel.

If damp towels are constantly placed on the back of a door, then a thin layer of growth will occur. The door should be washed down thoroughly with a disinfectant and family members instructed not to place damp towels there.

Remember to also look at the back of wardrobes, the underneath of mattresses and the corners between a window and its frame. Once all mold has been cleaned than it is time to put in place preventive measures.
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1 – Open doors and windows as much as possible, so that there is a fresh flow of air through your property.

2 – If needed, use dehumidifiers in basement areas or garages.

3 – Identify any leaks and fix them

4 – Turn up the heat if it is wintertime and the air conditioning of it is summer time. The more air that flows the better.

Remember to practice the top four tips as often as possible to prevent mold infestation. If you do happen to notice it appearing than clean it immediately, or call in the professionals to banish mold forever. When it comes to dealing with water damage mold or any other type of moisture problems in your home, it is always best to act quickly to prevent the spread of mold throughout the home.


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