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Removal of the mold in this space is imperative since you and your family will be using this space frequently for showering and personal hygiene care.

Take just a second and consider all of our personal items that we put ON or IN our bodies. These items are residing in this space 24 hours a day along side this toxic substance. Everyday items like your toothbrush, hairbrush and your loofah or washcloth are all exposed to the moist, mold laden air for the entire day and night while you work, play and sleep. This article will cover the top 3 home made bathroom mold control solution that are proven to work.

Black mold in bathrooms has always been and always will be a problem as long as there are organic substances used in home construction which are constantly exposed to high humidity. It is wise to open doors and windows promptly after using the shower to allow the moist damp air to escape. If you have a bathroom exhaust fan be sure and turn it on to help during showering. If there is no window available in your bathroom, you may wish to consider adding a bathroom dehumidifier to help keep the moisture in check to help prevent bathroom mildew.

Consider a Humidistat Fan

If you are in need of an automatic, hands off approach to completely removing all traces of the humidity from your bathroom every time you shower, you might just be interested in a bathroom fan with a humidity sensor. These awesome exhaust fans are a nice replacement for a standard exhaust fan that is only meant to remove “odors”. The one we have in our home automatically turns on when the moisture reaches the ceiling and we no longer have to deal with a fogged mirror after a shower.
Our investment in a humidistat fan has proven to be a wise one for our family mainly because of the ease of use. The humidity sensing bathroom exhaust fan can go a long ways in helping you control moisture buildup, especially since you never will forget to turn it on as it is completely on auto pilot requiring no input from you. It is very nice to get out of a hot shower in the summertime and not have the whole master bedroom moist and uncomfortable afterwards.

There really is only one way to completely prevent mold in bathroom from developing in the first place, controlling humidity. After showering, always wipe the surfaces with a towel to promote fast drying. Inorganic or man made materials are much less prone to mold infestation. They will continue to harbor the black stuff if the surface is allowed to collect dust and moisture repeatedly without a thorough cleaning. Soap scum and oils from our bodies are wonderful food for the growth of molds, so you should regularly scrub the shower and tub with your favorite cleaner and wipe it dry.

If the above methods to control the growth of the dreaded mold fail, your bathroom mold removal project should include a mold removal spray. Mold sprays work by encapsulating the mold spores where they are consumed and destroyed, making them easier to wipe away. Use disposable towels for this job as you should not wash them in your machine. Using your own washing machine to launder moldy towels will most definitely lead to an infestation inside the tub, which will emit a foul smell and require bleaching to remove.

A mold bathroom problem is usually identified by the familiar musty, damp or earthy smell which develops in the air. The smell of mold happens because of the feeding process, as the black mold feeds on organic materials it sometimes produces a waste product called microbial volatile organic compounds or MVOCs for short. Mold does not always produce these substances, it is largely dependent on the environmental factors as well as the substrate it is growing on.

black mold bathroom problems arise whenever there is repeated wetting of a surface without sufficient dry time. If there is more than one person using the shower in your home, whatever leaks are present will be subjected to a constantly wet environment. In bathroom showers the first place mold is likely to develop is in the corners down low toward the floor. Due to the way tile showers are constructed there is almost always movement between adjacent walls which will crack the grout in the corners.

Once this crack forms between the grout and tile, you have a water infiltration point that will remain wet as long as the shower is used daily. When this occurs, the water that enters the corner daily will seep into the organic products used behind the walls (wooden base plates, studs, drywall too if that was used behind the tile work.)

Cleaning Bathroom Mold

This should be a straight forward task but many times it is not so easy. Once you actually see the mold growing inside the shower, it is usually indicative of a larger infestation. Mold remediation usually encompasses a far larger area than was first suspected due to the way water “wicks” into porous surfaces.

Bathroom Mold and Mildew

This can be cleaned fairly easily if caught in the early stages before it has a chance to establish a foothold. Using a solution of straight white distilled vinegar will often yield favorable results in the beginning stages of mold growth. The key to using vinegar to control and kill mold spores is to allow the surface to remain wet with the solution for as long as possible. The smell will be very pungent, so you may want to ventilate the area until the vinegar smell dissipates.

Another possible although more expensive solution is tea tree oil. Thankfully tea tree oil goes a long way due to its potency and concentration. 2 teaspoons fulls of tea-tree oil mixed with about 2 cups of water is the best mix ratio. Should you need more of the solution, simply multiply the ratios of the ingredients IE 4 teaspoons oil and 4 cups of water will yield a quart of the potent mold killing spray.

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well to mix spray directly on mold and do not rinse. This mixture has a very long shelf life, so do not hesitate to mix more than enough as you will want to use it whenever a problem arises. The smell of the tea tree mold mixture is very strong but not as offensive as the above mentioned vinegar and will also disappear after a few days.

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Grapefruit seed extract, also known as citrus seed extract or GSE has also been proven to work well to remove bathroom mold and mildew. Like the oil mentioned above this is a more expensive option, but it does have one property that makes it a better option. Grapefruit seed extract is odorless. This natural antimicrobial liquid is created by grinding the seeds, pulp and white membrane of grapefruit together. Once the grinding process is complete, glycerin and other synthetic preservatives are blended together creating a wonderful natural bathroom mold killer. Making this type of spray is easy and safe, simply place about 20 drops of GSE into 2 cups of water inside a spray bottle, shake well to mix and spray directly onto any visible growth. As with the other home made mold sprays do not rinse the mixture from the surface, simply allow it to dry naturally.

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Bathroom mold just like any other mold in our homes should be treated as a potential hazard and dealt with accordingly using approved methods. When attempting to control a moldy bathroom problem take proper steps to ensure a successful outcome.