Mold Removal Products Should Kill and Clean Black Mold

by BMRT on 11:31 am

When it comes to getting rid of black mold, killing it just isn’t enough. The problem with simply killing the mold is that it still leaves behind many of the toxins that are associated with health problems in humans. This is why it must be removed completely and thoroughly. If your mold situation is bad enough, you might have to call in a mold remediation service, but if you have a light case of black mold removal, you can take care of it yourself using mold removal products.

There are products that are marketed as biocides, or fungicides. These products are often purchased when people are looking for a solution to end their mold infestation because they are cheaper than true black mold removal products. When you kill the mold, however, you are still leaving the mold behind including the mycotoxins, which are considered hazardous to human health. The spores alone can cause an allergic reaction in those with such issues, whether the fungus is dead or alive.

If you have to choose between killing the mold and cleaning it away completely, then you’ll want to stick with cleaning it. If cost is truly an issue, then detergent alone will be able to clean away most areas affected by mold. It’s much more effective to remove mold and eliminate the potential bio-hazard than it is to kill it, and assume the hazard has been removed.

When it comes to the damage that mold can cause, price really shouldn’t be the biggest concern. Your biggest concern should be eliminating the mold completely and restoring your home to its pre-mold state. This is why you should purchase proper mold removal products. If you are concerned about the effect of a strong chemical being used throughout your home, you can also find natural mold removal solutions. For very small cases of mold, such as that around your shower and sink, you might even get away with using a homemade concoction.

Whichever mold removal product you end up choosing, be sure to choose one that is going to do the job completely. Many people wrongfully think they’ve eliminated the problem only to have the mold return with a vengeance because they haven’t both killed, and removed all traces of the mold, which is absolutely necessary for proper mold remediation.

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