How To Get Rid Of Mold Tips and Tricks

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Deciding not to get rid of mold and inhaling it can be a very detrimental thing to anybody’s health. There are some physical signs you may be experiencing to know if you could possibly be sniffing mold. If you normally are not prone to allergies and are constantly sneezing and coughing when inside of your home, this could be a sign that your house has some mold infestation. During the colder winter months, mold can grow in both dry and moist air. The same thing holds true during the summer and hotter months. Humidity is the number one thing that attracts mold so you definitely want to make sure you have the least amount of humidity in your home as possible.

Once you are aware mold is present, you need to remove and treat it as soon as possible to avoid further complications. One of the main places that mold tends to grow in a home is in the bathroom. This is because the steam from the shower and water left on any surface over time will develop mold in the bathroom quickly.

Vinegar is a great at home remedy that can be sprayed on things to avoid mold. Using vinegar on faucets, shower curtains and more will stop mold from appearing. Although, not everybody likes the smell of vinegar, there are other things you can do to get rid of mold. Another home remedy that works is using warm water with bleach on the areas that are showing the mold. Make sure to measure the bleach correctly. The rule of thumb is usually one gallon of water to one cup of bleach leaving it to sit for about a half an hour. Drying the area that you are treating is very important so using a fan, hairdryer or allowing the sun to help dry it out is necessary.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold

Several products on the market today can help with the issue of how to get rid of black mold. There are test kits available to purchase that will help you determine just what type of mold you have so you can treat it properly. Make sure before you start to treat the mold that you are not having any leaks that can cause the mold to resurface. A fungicide cleaner is a great product that you can find in most stores or online to treat mold. Sometimes bleach alone cannot kill all of the mold depending on the type that you have, so you may need a more powerful product. Organic mold and mildew products are also great for getting rid of the black mold. These are available with less harsh chemicals, which can sometimes irritate our skin or nose. If you find that your mold is present in your air ducts, it is sometimes best to contact a mold specialist to come out to access the damage. Not all mold is visible to the eye so you also need to treat and prevent future mold from appearing by treating the areas. Every time you turn on your heat or air conditioning, the chemicals of the mold blow out and are inhaled into your lungs. Therefore, treating the inside of the air ducts is very important.

Mold is a threat to anybody’s health so make sure that you regularly check your home for any visible signs or if you are having any health issues that could be related to inhaling mold. If you do have a large infestation, you may actually need a professional service to get rid of mold safely and quickly for you.

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